Turtle tank is one of the most interesting ways to keep the Turtle. MadOverFish being a custom Aquarium company, we have done some Amazing concepts on the Turtle tank. Some pics of the Turtle tank are below with a short video as well for you to enjoy.

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Turtle Tank Features

Turtle tank can come in various shapes and sizes. At MadOverFish we design some really creative turtle tanks. Most ready made turtle tanks are small bowls, intact they are not even Turtle tanks. At MadOverFish when we call something a “tank”, it means it is supposed to be a proper and amazing Tank.

Turtles are interesting animals. There are various methods in which turtles can be made interesting. Some of the features in our Turtle tanks you may like:

  • Swimming Pool area for Turtles
  • Ramp or Staircase for Turtles (Turtles like to have a choice to be able to swim or stay in dry area)
  • Feeding station for Turtles
  • Cave area for them to hide
  • Grass & Lawn area for Turtles to rub and feel natural
  • Artificial Sun Basking lamps (comes with required vitamins in light spectrum). This makes turtle shell stronger & keeps it healthy.
  • A shower cabin area for the Turtle
  • A plain rocky area for the Turtle.

I guess it would be amazing for even us Humans to stay in such a Luxury custom made apartment. Imagine the joy you will provide to your dear Turtle pet at your home. Just Contact Us to get started.

Don’t waste your time & torture the poor animal by keeping in a Tub or in Bathroom. Let it enjoy & hence you enjoy.