About our Residential Aquariums

We are the number 1 in India when it comes to “Awesome” looking Acrylic residential Aquariums in Luxury Home residential segment. Period. And we are not there without our Client’s support & open mindedness to our ideas and execution. It may seem intimidating to some people looking at the amount of effort that goes into building beautiful aquariums at home residences, but Madoverfish makes the job very easy for the client with minimal disturbance and planned execution. Our internal policies have only 1 rule, make the Tank Perfect to the T. Aquariums built by Madoverfish are such beautiful pieces of conversation within families and friends at Homes that people are known to start boasting about them, hosting more parties than they usually do and literally watching TV goes for a toss.

With advancement of technology in almost all fields of our lives, we employ some of the best practices to minimize maintenance of your residential Aquariums, by having Automatic feeders, Self-cleansing systems, remote alarms, and even remote video & control if desired. Our premium Aquariums usually come with Touch switches, dimmer control, automatic time-set lighting and a host of technological features when necessary. Basically we want to let more people know that maintaining an Aquarium is not an issue, it is easy and when done it is fun. Our clients go for vacation for even a month without bothering and having peace of mind that the Aquarium and its inhabitants would be safe.

Below is the snapshot of a typical Large Residential Aquarium, Madoverfish executed amongst the many. It will give a brief overview of how such big tanks are built in Luxury homes.

The Challenge

Build a 156″ Long Aquarium with 48″ in Height and 56″ in breadth tapering into 36″ breadth – In a High rise building in one of the most premium societies in Mumbai (Bombay, India)! How do we get the huge aquarium inside the house? Whether the slab in an apartment would support that weight? What will happen to the amount of Water being consumed? Its going to be a 1600 Gallon Aqauarium with filtration after all. What kind of a frame will support that weight? Will the slab hold it or will go crashing through the roof? And again how efficiently can the job get done with minimal electricity and water consumption? How will you aquascape the tank? What fishes? – The client is asking whether we can deliver his imagination!

Our Task


Madoverfish with expertise on such projects, dont consider anything impossible. We look deep into the options and if they are not there, we create them. Nothing is impossible! We shake hands and work with the clients. Yes the first step is to study the challenge!

Design & Plan

Convey the client on the steps required & get approval. We then start on getting structural engineers erect specific load bearing I-beams, reinfoce, get 3rd party audit certificates, sign off from society, — all before we commence on building the huge aquarium. A Safety factor of 1:3.5 was considered on this project. The I-beam was erected to carry load 20 tons on a continuous basis. Get permissions on Hoisting special crane, modification of building window to get the tank in, doing all this with proper drawings, approvals etc. i.e. remaining a compliant Aquarium company.

Now – Build it! 

Skills Involved

To execute this project, Madoverfish had to use these skills below amongst various other ones:

Civil Engineering

Structural Knowledge

Heavy materials handling experience

Metal Fabrication knowledge

Interior designer skill-set

Aquarium build

Crane services

Water Engineering a.k.a Filtration and flow design & engineering

Water chemistry skill-sets

Eco-friendly way of building things from an operational perspective.


Cabinetry work & Paint finishes


Aquascape design & execution

Fiberglass (FRP) & Polyusterene work for Artificial creation of tree trunk

Water parameters tuning for specific Biotope of fishes & testing.


Finally ongoing AMC contract

custom residential acrylic aquarium

The beauty of this Acrylic Aquarium is that it looks good even without having any decor inside. We perfectly painted the Aquarium cabinetry work to match the wall texture of the residence. The lighting effect is such that it seems to simplify some things and makes you calm when you watch the Aquarium. This tank is 96″ Long and a width of 18″ with a height of 36″ – a very comfortable size & elegant.

custom glass tank by madoverfish

A Glass aquarium by Madoverfish. The beauty of this aquarium is in the Hanging rock. The aquascape sets the tone alive in the house. With this Aquarium done right at the door entrance and positioned to give a view while dining and also creating a virtual see through barrier to the main door – it stands out in its own right. A tank of dimensions 72″ in length and 33″ in Height. This Malawi cichlids aquarium is perfect for the kids at home, who just love feeding them! The fishes have grown to recognize and love their owners and follow them through their movement around the tank. Madoverfish sets the tone by giving proper educational understanding of the fishes which gets our clients involved making it part of their family.

Custom Acrylic aquarium

Madoverfish named this Aquarium “Emanation of Elegance”. This is simply for some beautiful ambiance created by this aquarium and the entire meaning is due to one reason that it houses the elusive Zaire Moba fetched right from Lake Tanganyika in East Africa. And the theory of building this Aquarium simply revolves around a particular type of fish the client loved. The stunning WOW factor coupled with a serenity that makes the living room in that house not only look Large, it looks Ultimate. The Client continues to thank Madoverfish for the efforts put in making his dream come true. A 100″ tank done in Acrylic, it has to be seen personally to believe.

bedroom aquarium

Aquariums for home can be carefully planned and integrated into your interior designs. If keeping ready made aquariums on stand is a thought, its very old and just not fashionable. A true symbol of richness in the house comes from calculating the size for the purpose and for intended look of your home design. We at Madoverfish take Aquarium designing to the next level. This picture is that of a wall partition Aquarium that is acting as divider between bedroom and bathroom. There are openable curtains on the back side in the bathroom to help with privacy. The tank wall is designed to give a very modern look and feel. The aquascape of the aquarium is thought to create space as is in the entire duplex apartment. The idea is to keep it simple and elegant. The size is 8 feet long and 4 feet tall. The depth however is only 12″ or 1 feet. The tank is done in Acrylic and is the real beauty of the home.

The tank carries an overflow system with a sump underneath. The tank is provisioned to be converted to a saltwater or a reef aquarium at any point the client wishes to. This will not need any additional plumbing or excessive modification. The decor and aquascape can always be changed easily. The tank has automatic water changing LSS system. It has automatic fish food dispenser so that client can go to vacation for a long period without worrying about tank maintenance. All in all a signature styled Aquarium by Madoverfish. The following video is from an initial aquascape without curtains.