Remote filtration systems by Madoverfish provide a convenient way to connect the ‘life support systems’ to Aquarium and Pond systems in a far-off location. This provides easy access for maintenance of the tank, provides more space for the Display tank area and at the same time does not clutter the space. It also provides zero noise operation in the Living or the Display space.

At Madoverfish we take pride in the way our Remote filtration systems are designed and deployed. Since every Clients needs are separate each case is studied and designed separately. In this particular example we had to build filtration for the lobby of an hospital. The space available was to put the life support system in the basement parking 2 storeys down. The total plumbing length from tank to the LSS (filtration room) was 350 feet. The advantage of this system is all maintenance is carried out from this area instead of from the reception lobby. You can expect future-proof aquariums and Life support systems from Madoverfish.

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luxury high rise building pond filtration

Certain modern Homes in High rises have ponds attached to the Living room, giving the space ultimate natural element and as per Vaastu are beneficial too. Madoverfish has ready made filtration units or quick customized ones for easy plug and play. In this scenario the filtration is placed on an Acrylic frame in the duct area. It is also attached with solenoid valves for automatic water changing or “on-demand” water changing situations. It comes with UV sterilization unit to keep the pond protected from sunlight and algae growth providing crystal clear water at all times. Based on the requirement of Pond (either to keep fishes) or just a small water body, they can be automated to turn on or off at certain times or run 24×7.

This example is that of a Remote ‘Marine’ or ‘Saltwater’ tank filtration unit. This system consists of a huge sump, various reactor chambers (GFO, Carbon etc.) , Chiller, protein skimmer, refugium etc. Madoverfish takes ultimate care in designing huge systems and gives the customer a total intrusion free maintenance option as the LSS (Life support systems) are placed remote. The water flows back into the main tank after all processing through return pumps of high quality. These systems run 24x7x365x ‘Many Years’ without much manual intervention.

Madoverfish designs the entire plumbing with detailed diagrams which are required by Architects and contractors. A logical diagram is also created to help the client understand basic functionality. The flow rate, valves (mechanical or electronic), Max head height, number of bends, what type of piping to use, emergency gate valves, drainage, Auto top off systems – all of this is designed in-house by our Filtration team. We try our best to provide professional approach that helps all involved parties (client, architect, contractor and Madoverfish) to sort out any issues right at the design stage and avoid unproductive man-hours and $$$.