Madoverfish has built several ponds for High Schools to Luxury Apartments to large Corporate complexes. We carry some of the ultimate filtration units available in the market. They are designed so accurately you would be surprised that the price is more than affordable to cater to the biggest of the pond size or to cater to the most biological load. They are energy efficient, make least noise (wherever there is such a requisite) and keep the fishes happy. Following is an usual list and not an exhaustive for Pond filtration planning:

  • Water volume
  • Design of the pond
  • Space available
  • Safety & serviceability considerations
  • Purpose of the pond

mof sp1 (2)  Apartment Pond Top view under construction   pond filtration room

Many of the pics above are that of various pond filtration units & rooms while under construction. There is range of civil, electrical and plumbing work that goes into building an awesome pond. The various components that go into building of a High end pond system are:

  • Sand Filter – Madoverfish in-house Custom built in FRP or PVC chambers
  • Large Sump or Canister
  • Ozonizer
  • UV Sterilizer
  • Large Return pumps
  • Overflow grating columns
  • Sludge crusher through chemical reaction (Built in single piece reactor chamber)
  • Large automated Fish feeding machines

All these activities are planned in detail. Waterfalls of FRP or contemporary Acrylic panel waterfalls (with inbuilt LED Lighting) are thought to blend with the surrounding nature and even the noise of the water falling is designed and tuned to give a pleasant experience. A completed pond running for many months without any service intervals can still looking shining new just like this:

Pond from above to show water clarity

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#Bonsai #pond #Aquascape #Koi #MadOverFish

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