Exactly the Big Question our clients ask. An usual conversation goes like this:

Ok we get the Aquarium, it looks good, we are all loving it – WHO IS GOING TO MAINTAIN IT? What about the fishes health, what about the cleanliness of the tank, what if the pumps dont work, what if water parameters are not exact, heck I dont even know what are water parameters, I need to only enjoy – and yes I do get so busy that nobody has time to feed the fishes. To tell you the truth, I wont even switch ON or OFF the lights

Our Response:

You are with Madoverfish

Well to elaborate a bit further:

  • We have 24 x 7 Support available
  • Your tanks will carry AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)
  • Your systems are robust – built to last and exceptionally well engineered and tested – so you dont need to worry at the first place
  • We have an Emergency Response Team
  • Most probably you would have opted for an Automatic system that takes care of over 90% Routine maintenance activities
  • This essentially means our time between visits to your place to maintain are drastically reduced – resulting in lower AMC costs in turn
  • And if this does not Satisfy you – we even provide written Guarantee on the Life term of the Fishes or Livestock.

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