MadOverFish is building India’s largest Saltwater Fish station in Mumbai. We will be having between 500 – 1500 marine fishes in stock at any time. Currently we are processing all orders via pre-booking and we have option to deliver fishes across India. All Saltwater fishes in Mumbai can be home delivered. Some of the highlights and important features of our Fish station are:

1. All Stock will be imported from the best suppliers across the globe

2. Stock will be Quarantined and 100% disease free before our customers can even order !!!

3. Salinity, pH, Alk, Magnesium, Temperature would be available on our packaging slip to allow customers to quickly adjust water parameters in advance.

4. Pre-booking carries a FLAT 10% discount on Retail & Wholesale rates.

Please send us email on [email protected] with a request to subscribe to STOCK LIST newsletter.  Please send complete details on whether you are Hobbyist, Dealer or Re-seller or any other status so that right pricing can be forwarded. Please note discount ratios are fixed and we DONT provide any preferential pricing to anyone EXPECT our own CUSTOMERS (i.e. Clients who have purchased tanks from MadOverFish). Also note you need to provide with your complete Name, Address etc.

Below is the list of stock to be available for pre-booking.

  • Algae Blenny, Bangagai Cardinal, Blue Devil, Blue Star Damsel, Oscellaris Clown, Fire Clown, Fire Goby, Flame Goby, Blue Green Chromis, Pink Skunk Clown, Purple square Anthias, Fairy Wrasse, Yellow Fox Face, Yellow Tang, White Sand Goby
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  • Bicolour Angel, Blue Lipstick Angel, Regal Tang, Brown Tang, Black Tang, Blue Surgeon, Copperband Butterfly, Maroon Clown, Naso Tang, Clown Surgeon, Tomato Clown, Yellow Tang, Clown Triggerfish, Dragon Moray (3 Feet), Lion fish
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  • Rose Bubble Tip Anemone, Sea Cucumber, Turbo Snails, Purple Foot Mag Anemone, Long tentacle Red base anemone, Brown Club anemone, Red base club anemone, Orange base club anemone, Coco worm & Others
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