Aquarium Life Support Systems are core brain & heart of your Aquarium or Pond system. They come in various sizes, purpose or functionality, and come with numerous modules. At Madoverfish, we make some of the Ultimate Life support systems in the world. We supply our modules to large public aquariums or build them at the site itself. We do it ourselves for all the Aquariums we build and also export on order certain units on requirement.

A typical Life Support System (LSS) by Madoverfish for a High end Aquarium consists of the following:

  • Mechanical Water filtration units
  • Chemical reactors
  • Biological bacteria holding bank & varoius biological media
  • RODI (Reverse Osmosis De-Ionization) Water purification. The goal is to achieve 0 (zero) TDS purest form of water
  • Dosing Pumps – for adding various chemicals for water chemistry balance
  • Remote monitoring modules to check pH, Salinity, Ammonia, Nitrites etc.
  • Temperature controllers with Water Heaters and Chillers
  • Canister Filtration units
  • Acrylic sump and compartment chambers
  • Refugiums, DSB boxes and ATS Screens.
  • Automatic water changing systems
  • TDS controllers
  • Return Pumps & Plumbing
  • Electrically operated solenoid valves
  • Safety valves and pressure release valves

This is not a complete list nor does it mean that every Aquarium system built needs to necessarily have all of this. It boils down to the design and considering size of the Aquarium, type of Aquarium (i.e. whether Tropical or Saltwater aquarium or Pond systems). Madoverfish will design the whole system and commission it based on what is required, whether its optimal and what kind of accommodation it needs.

Equipment used in a saltwater aquarium:

Reverse Osmosis water purifier aquariums

Depiction of RODI Filter (Reverse Osmosis De-Ionization) filtration to the main water supply source. This is to prepare water to Neutral or 0.00 TDS levels so that by using the right chemical additives, we at Madoverfish will make the water to the tanks just perfect replica of the wild.

This is a chemical reaction chamber powered with a high pressure booster pump. We use this to remove phosphates out of the Water. Also, we use it in our freshwater and marine aquariums.

Protein skimmers are essential protein-removing units out of saltwater tanks. Madoverfish uses some of the highly reputed brands for small Aquarium systems and custom made ones for large saltwater tanks.

Dosing pumps become necessary for maintaining constant pH levels and other parameters as necessary. Madoverfish has certain systems that can be controlled over Internet as well, making remote maintenance a breeze.

Madoverfish uses smart and noiseless Pumps for return section, refugium and other filtration units. It could be combination like shown in the picture or a single large pump as required and space available. Sometimes backup pumps ensure and prevent any sort of pump failure.

Canister filtration becomes an essential part of many Tropical fresh water Aquariums. The above picture is a high performance rugged Hagen made mechanical filter.

Chillers sometimes become mandatory. With our tropical climate and during summers temperatures can reach very high. We sometimes have to maintain the water temperature to 26 degrees Celsius or even lesser.

At Madoverfish we make maintenance a breeze with smart submersible high speed water drainage pumps. This could be used during tank setups, water changes or even regular cleanups.

We tried to show you various components that go into successful Fish keeping. Madoverfish will suggest and explain its clients what is necessary, what’s their utilization and what works best for a given system. Technologies faced immense improvement and a wide array of equipment are available in the market, but making the right choice is very necessary. Servicing and support for these modules plays an important role too. We don’t just provide you a fish tank just for the sake of providing, we do educate our clients.