In-Cabinet Aquarium Filtration Units

In simple terminology, “In-cabinet” filtration units are complete ‘Life Support Systems‘ that are housed below, adjacent, above or behind the Aquarium (or also called as Display Tank). Madoverfish are pioneers in India in providing Ultimate compact & highly efficient filtration units with automatic water changing modules, with completely hidden piping from the Display tank area, bottom & or side drilling of the tanks (after calculation of all water flows, pressures and return pumps head height, nozzles etc.) in a safe way to our clients. All of the systems are completely in-house designed, are flexible to change or alter in future and we use all industry standard fittings for most areas. The detailed designing is done simply to ensure that the water clarity and aquarium cleanliness is optimum at any given point in time. We take utmost care in ensuring leakages never happen, the living area never spills water and enough safety precautions are taken to avoid electrical leakages (shocks) in Water.

In this specific example you see the Canister filter, a sump and all the plumbing and motors tucked in neatly, all under the cabinet of the Aquarium. The tank is bottom drilled for all water exchanges and has an advantage of a duct area adjacent to the tank, so plumbing is done to do automatic water changes making the tank zero maintenance.

acrylic sumps india

Sumps are the ultimate type of filtration for large water body systems. They can be used for Tropical or Saltwater Aquariums or Ponds. The main advantages are they provide a huge physical space to house variety of media, reactors and filtration compartments. They are highly customized. Sumps cab be housed easily based on the size of the cabinet space available under the tank.

In this example a Glass tank is drilled at multiple levels and piping is attached using bulkheads. Madoverfish emulates the water flow on software and tunes before doing the actual work. This allows us ultimate flexibility by using colour Doppler effect (bio-safe) injected through water to see how the water flow would be and whether there could be any dead zones. The next step under the cabinet is carried forward in the next image.

smart plumbing for aquariums in india

Based on how much flow is desired in the tank, the constraint of space available, whether the piping needs to strictly stay from underneath the tank or from the sides, Madoverfish will determine how to route the pipes. Each joint is thoroughly checked for strength of application, leakages & specially machined silicone o-rings as well as adapter are tested before using in the main system.

aquarium filtrations in india

Some of the pictures above show practical examples of filtration parts under the cabinet. Based on what type of space is available, Madoverfish decides what components could be more important than others, and provides those components more prominence compared to others. Some systems are more biologically orientated while others could be more mechanically oriented. Power consumption plays important role too. Madoverfish is committed to provide our clients with the most cost effective, eco-friendly and an efficient Life support system – irrespective of the size of the aquarium (or pond) and the location.