Madoverfish is a professional Aquarium services company engaged in producing some of the best Aquariums in India. We relentlessly work with a positive approach and “Do Right the first time” is the policy we try our best to adhere to. In order to put this as a process in our company we have engaged ourselves with our customers in the following fashion:

  1. Understand Customer Requirements
  2. Provide specifications & complete BOQ
  3. Meet the customer and explain the pro’s & con’s of all options
  4. Once a particular option is chosen do a 3D drawing & sketch
  5. Take final customer approval
  6. Engage the Architect (if any) during planning stages
  7. This includes complete electrical, civil, plumbing, cabinetry etc. related works
  8. Tank specs are then passed on to the Manufacturing team
  9. Once filtration and tank are built to specs, they are handed over to Project management team
  10. Project management team looks after all logistics, co-ordinating with customer’s representative and complete the installation
  11. Customer Service manager gets involved right from Aquascaping stage of the project and biological activation of Aquariums
  12. Throughout the entire process, an Account manager who made the sale is involved and will always remain any escalation point of contact in future

To provide a pictorial example of how the above steps are carried out have a look at the below.

The project Architect had this 3D view of the Reception lobby of the Aquarium. We did think of a super-imposed 3D diagram to not disturb the initial flow. After sending the initial diagram for review the Client asked us to make a complete 25 feet Aquarium view instead removing the centre pedestal. As you can see we re-did the image and sent for final approval.

The approved design is then detailed over quite a few internal drawings, discussions and engineering. Once its approved internally the tank is manufactured and sent to the Client site.

This is a very brief pictorial story of how we work. Once with Madoverfish, always with Madoverfish! We take pride in our work and the way we do it.