Mad Over Fish Aquariums & water arts private limited is the Best Aquarium Company in India. We are also India’s one of the most well-established Aquarium Manufacturers. We have an 18000 sq.feet Acrylic Tank manufacturing facility, probably the biggest ever in India, where we create flawless masterpieces with extreme precision. Most noteworthy, our design studio has some of the best talents in the Industry with decades of experience right from Acrylic know-how, fabrication, the design of LSS, Project management, Marine biologists, renowned Artists and a strong army of dedicated team players in variety of allied fields necessary to create masterpieces and setting new benchmarks. Every single team member is a passionate soul and a sum of these is what provides us the motivation & energy to create and live Mad Over Fish!

Best Aquarium Company in India

Mad Over Fish is India’s no. 1 company for Custom Aquariums. As a result, our designs enhance your Interiors and Architectural design. Madoverfish consists of a dedicated group of professional staff that is expert in Engineering to Biological aspects of Aquarium, Pond and Pools designs from execution to maintenance.

We & Our Clients

We officially established the company in the year 2007 and has churned out more than 300+ aquariums, ponds, and other water bodies. In fact, we have a great customer base and a lot of good will. Moreover, we invest heavily in R&D that includes international travel to learning newer concepts and tie-ups with strategic partners. In addition, the whole idea of establishing the company was to bring into India the “Best Aquariums” from around the world, for HNI clients in India with the RIGHT pricing. In conclusion, we are a company that never stops innovation.


Firstly, we are a team of 20, with few of them being “for-the-specific-job-contractors”  but more importantly a rugged network of professionals across India and few of them outside India to create some WOW Aquariums for yourself. In addition, we are the company you can rely on to do only the BEST job, and we challenge any competitors to match us in any single aspect.

In-House Factory

We conceptualize and produce our assignments at our facility in Mumbai.

  • Acrylic works
  • Cabinetry works
  • Plumbing works
  • Art (FRP, Polystyrene, RCC, Natural) decor work
  • Large equipment handling
  • Packaging
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Project management
  • Saltwater processing
  • Man Made Live Rock Production
  • Biological bacteria production
  • Chemical compositions for Water chemistry and manufacturing of various buffers
  • Filtration equipment & chambers manufacturing

Finally and most of all, our factories form our backbone and affect what & how we deliver.