Glass Aquariums are usually the first choice for most people in the Aquarium hobby – and there is a reason why. They are easier & quick to make and are relatively less expensive than Acrylic. However, more than the cost factor it is the awareness (or lack of it) that there are superior materials available to build the Aquarium. In fact, Madoverfish makes use of some of the best practices in giving you the ultimate glass Aquariums to suit your design. Some of these options are:

  • Using only Extra Clear Glass
  • Bending glass to possible shapes
  • Drilling the glass for plumbing
  • Using some of the best skill force in land to handcraft superior finished aquariums
  • Use imported GE Silicone (They are known to support about 20,000 Gallons of tank as well) for ultimate strength
Custom beautiful glass tank by madoverfish

With more than 150 Glass tanks installed till, Madoverfish date surely knows how to make that ‘Perfect tank”. With lot of technicalities of using either a regular Extra Clear glass, how to make the bonding and curing of silicone to perfection (ensuring that bubble free – defect free silicone application) and choice of colors of the seams – all designed and thought before making the tank. We rival some of the designer Aquarium brands in the world – however our Glass Aquariums market is only within India.

Home entrance Glass aquarium at a premium residence. Extra clear panels assure you of beautiful clarity. The tank has complete Euro bracing and done in 15 mm thick glass. The back of the tank and the drilled bottom carries a custom cabinetry work. The tank dimensions are 72″ long x 24″ in width and height of 30″.

Glass tanks by Madoverfish with their efficient Life Support Systems can make any house more beautiful, add more space to it and keep the inhabitants of the tank happy. The video above shows how the beautiful aquarium adds aura to the house.

This is example of another tank and the back mechanism. Madoverfish simulates on our software the water flow, directions, and avoids any dead spots in the design itself. After this process is over the drilling to the glass panes starts. (before the tank assembly). We then use bulkheads to secure the holes for a zero leakage – life time guarantee solution.

Madoverfish with its artistic outlook for every tank installed, can make even places like staircase – which locates in most of the houses – add a dash of colors and life to it. This glass tank – strategically placed to create a calm effect which going up the stairways. The tank dimensions are 46″ in length x 18″ in width and 40″ in height with 15 mm toughened glass (Extra clear). We routed all edges on CNC machines to give an elegant feel.