Madoverfish is a designer Water Arts & Aquarium company. And some of work that we showcased below, is just a glimpse. With numerous Designer Aquariums from the Hanging Aquariums, to dining table Aquariums, we have also done a waterfall Aquarium. Some of the projects in progress are building an Aquarium in an old Fiat Taxi! This is for a pub. We cant wait to complete the tedious process to display the picture out here. Nevertheless, do have a look at some of our designer tanks.

Below video is of an Aquarium in a posh bungalow. Its a corner Aquarium made in Acrylic.  The description on this particular video below can be found here. 

Bonsai Aquarium

Planted Bonsai aquarium by Madoverfish – a new edition to the various designer options that we provide. This concept comes out of the various types of planted Aquariums available. However these tanks have real plants not submerged in water but outside the water. Such Aquariums, also called paulaidariums, however the difference between that and the Bonsai Art plant tank is that the plants and water are separate eco-systems altogether. Various designer aquarium options are available and our artists develop some of the best and value for money aquarium options available.

amazing aquarium shapes and designs


This is a designer V-Tank by Madoverfish! Ever imagined of such shapes. Yes, we made these possible. This is the only-one-of-its-kind in the whole world. If the tank construction detail goes by anything, it has a total of 67 Joints. It uses 40 mm thick Acrylic. And do not mistake the height of the right column, it is a cool 99″ long. The left arm is only 60″ and there is a vacuum decompressor that allows uneven water level to maintain without creating undue pressure in the water columns.

designer aquariums india

Bedroom Aquarium

The Bedroom Aquarium brought to you by Madoverfish. We are exclusive designers of some of the fantastic and clever Bedroom Aquariums. We have Aquariums as side tables to a enclave Aquarium. This one is only 10″ thick, that gently merges as a background wall paper. The decor or the aquascape inside is completely handmade in Fiber and only natural resins are use to make it safe for the fishes. The filtration works remotely so as to have a complete noise-free, good night sleep.

Designer Aquarium

This is what we call the Art Designer Aquarium. The effect of the driftwood emerging on top of the Water, and the custom made hanging lights and the artificial stone art – and placed in a corner with the appropriate backdrop wall papers and custom colour theme, its a sight to behold. Anyone walking up to that place is like “Wow”, if you need such aquariums the place to go is Madoverfish – thats the owner comment.

Designer aquariums in India

Infinity Tanks

The ultimate “Resonating Simplicity” Infinity Tanks from Madoverfish. We call them infinity simply because there is no Water level to distinguish. They give a beautiful illustration of confusing you or beholding you by making you think whether the tank holds water or not. The character of the tank will make you feel in bliss. This Designer Aquarium is just another piece of art by Madoverfish.