Lighting Aquariums

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to Lighting an Aquarium. The old methods of using tube-lights or fluorescent is too old. Lot of cheap ready made Aquariums from Chinese companies use PLL or CFL bulbs. To cut the story short these tubes or bulbs hardly last a few days (or few hours in some scenarios). The reason is very simple, water evaporates, the fixtures take to rust and in many cases just fuses. Even the LED lights from such companies sold in Aquarium shops are prone to such issues.

Luxury Lighting

When Madoverfish mentions “Custom Luxury lighting” we talk about rugged, bold and beautiful, almost ever-lasting lighting. This pays the Aquarist or hobbyist and at the end of the day our valuable client in the long run. Basically these lightings are fail-proof since we import and custom build lights for you from the highest quality components and spare parts. Another added bonus is that since we make this in-house, adding few lights or modifying the output is totally in our control. We raised the bar for Aquarium lighting in the country and will continue to keep it high.

Our most popular LED brands that we use are CREE, Exotic and Philips. All are imported directly from USA (& are those that are manufactured in USA) & Germany. We even stock some of the best Indian brands (that are local to us in Mumbai) but are export-oriented companies with very high quality standards.

Reef White, Violet, Coral Blue

Now these luxury custom LED lights (custom built) rely upon the below criteria:

  • Saltwater or Fresh water tank
  • Reef or Planted
  • Energy consumption
  • Light spread (We stock 30, 40, 60, 80,120 Degree lenses) that attach to each LED’s and glued together.
  • So if the spread of the light needs to be in a deep tank – we use more of 30 or 40 degree lenses to concentrate and focus the light in a tighter beam
  • If there is need of fewer LED’s then, the lighting doesn’t need to be that bright, we can spread it to 60-120 degree output lenses.
  • These LED’s based on the total number will lead us to using formula to calculate heat sink size and cooling fans.
  • Based on the requirement, we stock drivers from Meanwell (a leading brand) or use our custom made ones.
  • We provide dimming controls via APEX controller or with a rotary knob. With APEX digital controller we can provide you with Apple or Android (mobile devices) controlled/programmable LEDs
  • This allows you to set moonlight/sunrise/sunset setting so you don’t need to keep a track to turn ON or OFF the lights.
  • We cut custom heat sinks with anodized coating to give a neat look.
  • We can make the lighting a hanging fixture or build a canopy around that in Acrylic and place it on the tank directly.
  • Madoverfish can also provide you with touch switches if necessary and we primarily use L&T home automation components into building these.

Madoverfish has literally 20+ options when it comes to custom LED lighting. To provide you the light spread effect please see the below images of our tanks. It all boils down to customer preference whether they like gradient lighting or continuous lighting.

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