Aquarium Projects in India & MadOverFish

MadOverFish carries out multiple Aquarium projects and Water Arts projects simultaneously. We have 2 dedicated project teams that are are constantly on the field for a wide range of activities. Aquarium projects in India are taking good shape and its visible in the spur of inquiries and project execution. Although a lot of projects begin immediately a whole lot more require extensive planning and preparation. Some projects take months and some need few years of planning. Apart from the Aquarium project department at MadOverFish, there is a team that continuously manages other aspects which we call “site-preparation”. Quite a lot of public aquariums in India are getting upgraded or built. MadOverFish is involved in a few of them currently. In order to get in touch with the right team for Public Aquaria projects at MadOverFish, simply contact us.

What you can expect from MadOverFish

To make it easy for our clients, MadOverFish provides the following service from a site preparation perspective:

  • When the Office space, a commercial mall or a residence is underway, our Architects and planing engineers will work closely with the Clients team to provide 3D plans and a Project Blueprint.
  • Project manager is involved right after the Business development team has signed off on the project with all necessary terms.
  • As is noticed in most of the projects (not related to Aquarium) the design of the space may undergo significant changes. We at MadOverFish are flexible in accommodating those changes such that final outcome of the project goes as per the necessary and modified plan.
  • There are times when lot of projects undergo changes from having In-cabinet filtration to Remote filtration. Some may require changes in terms necessary from sizes as well.

MadOverFish vouches itself to execute 100% of the projects at 100% success rate in terms of the following:

  • On-Time delivery
  • On-Time Introduction of Livestock with complete quarantining of fish
  • Most of all, On-Time Training and handover to clients representative (such that coordination on maintenance becomes easy)

Secrets of Aquarium Projects that we use

MadOverFish has certain secrets of trade involved right from Aquarium manufacturing to Animal husbandry. Due to our experience in Large scale Aquarium projects we extend the same “tricks of the trade” to a residential aquarium customer as well. The end result is just fantastic.

Some of the simply awesome things we do for our customers:

  • Almost all types of Marine or Saltwater Fishes can go in your residential tank
  • Almost all the “rules of books” related to Aquarium upkeep are out (Making it super easy for our customers to maintain Saltwater tanks)
  • Magic Solutions to treat all sorts of Fish disease in the main Display tanks
  • Instant addition of Fish in the Marine tank (This is a Huge Deal! Saltwater tanks don’t take long to cycle – we prepare everything!)