Mission and Vision

To be the # 1 in India in customized, designer and Large-scale Aquarium & Water Arts company.

  • And to provide Customers in India with world-class products and services
  • To create Wow factors in India that will be appreciated and acclaimed worldwide
  • Strictly Follow & Pursued Integrity & Commitment to Promises.

All the Hard work follows this Company philosophy to the core. We would definitely love to hear any feedback or comments from you and get an opportunity to work for you.

Who are we?

  • We are MadOverFish Aquariums and Water Arts Pvt. Ltd.
  • Our Head Office Address is: Plot no. 1980 taloja compoud, Khuthari Village, Taloja 410208
  • Contact Number: +91 8291 007 636
  • Website Address: www.madoverfish.com
  • Company Status: 

What Do We do?

  • Main Areas of Activities of Business: Consultancy, Acrylic Aquariums, Innovative Swimming Pool Designs, Large Scale Aquarium Projects, Public Aquariums, & 100% Turnkey Projects.
  • Main Products: Acrylic Tanks, Bubble Panels, Life Support Systems, Ponds, Exotic Fishes, Glass Tanks, Fish Feed and Much More.
  • Services: Aquarium Maintenance, Innovative Designing, Creative Consultancy, Aquascaping Solutions.

Business Capacity:

Human Resources

Madoverfish consists of an experienced team of  20 professionals who take their business seriously. We strive for exciting business opportunities and love working in even the toughest deadlines. Our goal is to always provide international quality products to our customers and maintain a healthy relationship.


  • We have 250+ Successful projects live all over India.
  • We have our in-house factory for tank productions.
  • Madoverfish provides Turnkey solutions in all aspects of Tank Management.
  • We have our own artificial coral production unit which is set to be commercialized soon.