Filtration System

Since Aquariums range from small to huge sizes so do the filtration units. Compact filtration units need to be appropriately designed & matched to achieve the function desired. Marine Aquariums need a very different unit compared to that of fresh water tanks. In most cases Mad Over Fish incorporates a Sump filtration unit simply to allow a chance for the buyer to upgrade to marine aquarium if he or she ever desires in future. The plumbing although in a smaller footprint covers all the functionality that is required. The system may still include an Auto-top off, a canister, a protein skimmer or a simple Hang on back filter.

Our  “Myriad 1 & 2″ tanks have a 6 stage Hang on back filtration. It includes the following:

  • Carbon media compartment (For removal of chlorine and other harmful substances)
  • Mechanical filtration in 3 stage module – Filter nets of various granularity
  • An UV LED for sterilising that could be turned ON or OFF based on necessity
  • Biological Media such as German made Eheim Substrat Pro or our in-house manufactured Bio media (for marine tanks).

Our “Perpituity Series 1 & 2” tanks carry:

  • A sump
  • Protein Skimmer rated and matched perfectly to the system
  • Biological media section
  • 2 nos. of Return pumps
  • UV Led

Our “Bonsai Art Series 1 & 2” tank come with a CO2 cylinder as they are primarily designed to work for Planted tanks. They also come with our in-house manufactured super sleek Canister filter that carries a smaller footprint and highest efficiency to keep tanks sparking clean and with a longer duration for maintenance.