Mad Over Fish tastefully builds commercial aquariums in India. With Indians getting more and more exposed to modern art & architecture, aquariums blend perfectly – only if one knows how to do that. Places like Restaurants, shopping malls, offices are only some of the examples. Mad Over Fish goes a step further; we know how to listen carefully to the clients requirements. There are times when Lighting plays a major role, sometimes a huge aquarium with only a few fishes makes sense – why to provide an illusion of space and simplicity – to add luxury. Then there could be possibility of space & noise constraints. With your partnership with Madoverfish, you can only relax and enjoy the beauty, headache free, absolutely.

commercial aquariums india

This semi-reef saltwater aquarium from Mad Over Fish is designed to enchant visitors of the Hotel. The location of the Aquarium is placed perfectly so that each and every guest at the Restaurant can enjoy the view, crating rich ambience to the interiors. The Aquarium is 150″ Long and 36″ in hieght, embedded into the wall. Just below the aquarium is the beautiful enchilada of the cuisine.

The CEO Tank – the Luxury paradise goldfish tank by Mad Over Fish. This tank is 96″ long and 36″ in height with designer LED lamps. This is a commercial tank in a CEO’s cabin. The requirement was very simple, it has to be Vaastu compliant fish tank. Hence we chose the location carefully, the tank needs to be always extra clean (Goldfish are notorious to eat a lot and poo a lot making the tank messy quite early) & absolutely noiseless at all times. Then space constraint! No requirement of any additional cabinetry work so the tank sits on the floor itself. Just the tank, water and fishes with lights. We did it through remote filtration system – a rugged one!

feng shui vastu gold fish aquarium
Design Aquariums

We made this spectacular tank for a Cofee House in one of the upmarket locations. The entire surrounding design around the Aquarium carefully handcrafted by Madoverfish. If you look closely you will find the rough rock-work stand with ambient lighting on it. Then the overexposed plants on the Aquarium itself and a lighting system hidden inside that. Yes the raw food finish angles to the Tank gives a very rustic feel. For such creative designs think of Madoverfish!

Its all about simplicty. This is right in an Architects office. When this particular renowned Architect visited Mad Over Fish factory, he was bowled over. In fact, he instantly said – you guys make the design. We need a very modern, simple to maintain theme, with straight contours. Most of all, no jazzy designs, its OK even if you don’t add the fish. It should give me a relaxation feel. This is just one of the examples Mad Over Fish is used to dealing. We can deliver exactly what you need. This is a 84″ long aquarium with hanging lights in a traditional frame. The tasteful rock work done inside looks fantastic.

custom hanging light aquarium by Madoverfish