Bubble Walls are a very modern and contemporary form of Interior design. Architects use bubble walls to spruce up the otherwise walls. Madoverfish manufactures these bubble walls in Acrylic. The various forms in which bubble walls

  • Complete wall
  • Partition or room divider
  • Windows
  • In Pathways as a guide
  • As bar counters and shelves to hold liquor bottles

Various sizes and shapes are available, however its necessary to make a note that bubble walls can be customised to any size and shape. Since Acrylic is used it has its own merits:

  • Easy to give shape
  • Can be made extremely thin profile (sometimes less than 2″ thick)
  • Can be stacked together
  • Very safe (especially at crowded places where children move around)

Bubble panels made by MadOverFish are beautiful to look at, and come with various patterns of bubble creation. Pattern and speed of bubbles through bubble panels or bubble walls are adjustable by the customer. They are extremely modular in nature and require nothing more than a quick setup. Even large setups take not more than a day to install. Some of the salient features of MadOverFish bubble panel (wall) is:

  • Made in Acrylic
  • Made in India
  • All over India installation possible
  • Use special compound in Water to prevent algae and dirt in the tank
  • Does Not usually need any filtration system
  • High quality noiseless air pump
  • LED Lights
  • Colour changing options on remote
  • Music controller if necessary to change lights as per music
  • Bubble controller if necessary to change pattern and speed of bubbles to create random patterns.

Madoverfish manufactures these panels in-house in our factory. Due to high capacity machinery and skilled labour in Acrylic, we can churn out any sizes and shapes. Our artists will create 3D designs for the location and even suggest you what options within the bubble panels to choose. We assure you of great quality product that works for years together without any service issues.

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