Artificial corals & reef – right here in India

Mad Over Fish manufactures some of the best artificial corals in India. We have a huge variety and vivid colours on our corals. Keeping hard corals is banned in India. Apart from dedicated equipment for reef systems and also to conserve nature as per our laws in the country, using artificial corals is the next best option. There are a wide variety of artificial corals available at local fish stores, however the quality speaks for itself. One is put off by the faux plastic and/or rubbery feel to the corals. Some of the features of corals manufactured by Madoverfish are:

  • Corals that are hand crafted with extreme detailing
  • Huge range of colours
  • Made with specific polystyrene compound and reinforced with FRP
  • Organic paints that don’t fade (We have tested it in 100% UV exposure for continuous period of 6 months before releasing commercially)
  • Large variety
  • Big coral reef structures that are now easily possible
  • Live bacteria growing pad on the inside part of the artificial corals

Please note: We are currently supplying Artificial corals only for large custom built tanks. We are NOT supplying any of our products in retail.

Coral reef Aquarium in India