Aquatic Supplies

Fish keeping as a hobby has gone light years ahead. There are new products appearing in the market every single day. Lot of new products from various tanks, accessories and consumables have filled up multitude of fish stores across India. However very few professional grade aquatic supplies are still absent in the fish stores. That is where Madoverfish comes to rescue. We research (an ongoing process) and review lot of items in-house. We supply only the best in India keeping in mind the legality and affordability.

Items Available

Some of the items that are available with us on order are:

  • Man made Live Rocks (These are ultimate replacement for your Natural reef rocks. Fully cured and biologically activated)
  • Seachem Prime (The ultimate Water conditioner)
  • New Life Spectrum (NLS) range of fish food
  • Madoverfish in-house manufactured & processed frozen fish food for Marine Fish and Cichlids
  • German imported Activated Carbon by Madoverfish
  • Madoverfish specially German imported Bio-Pellets
  • Custom LED Lights
  • Custom Filtration units
  • Artificial Coral Inserts
  • Artificial FRP Rock modules
live rocks india

If you need to order any products or just get information on this, dont hesitate to contact us. Madoverfish is not a Local fish store selling all brands or accessories and as such we dont stock all items. The above are generally used in most of our projects and hence we keep a stock on it and would like to let customers choose us for superior service. Kindly email us to find out more info or ask us for advise on things required for your Aquarium & we would be very glad to suggest you.

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