All you need to know about your Aquarium Maintenance

We at Madoverfish take immense pride in providing the most upmarket, professional and hassle free service and maintenance options to our customers in the market. From weekly visits to annual visits, we have tailor made options based on the type of Aquarium to the type of fishes or live stock one carries. We even have some of the best Electronic monitoring systems that let us measure certain critical water parameters via internet or via S.M.S alerts. Heck we even provide options to host an underwater camera. This allows us and our clients to monitor the aquarium through internet on their web browsers while they are away from home/office.

We at Madoverfish deploy large scale Aquariums across the length and breadth of the country. In such cases we prefer to go technologically more advanced to help us with our routine procedure.

In short, if you love to get pampered, we love to pamper you. We carry the philosophy that the tank is as much owned by Madoverfish as its owned by the Client. We are equally or probably more concerned. Serving our customers is the first note that all employees get and are trained on.

Check health of Fishes
Check General cleanliness of the tank
Check Water Parameters viz. pH, Salinity, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate
Check Filtration & Electrical system, plumbing etc. for any issues
Check & Tune LED Lights intensity and focus
Clean the Tank’s viewing area from inside and outside using the necessary tools and solutions
Again closely observe the movement of the fish and observe any unusual behaviour
Clean specific parts of filtration media such that biological balance is not disturbed
Clean the cabinet and surrounding areas and leave the premises after Customer sign off

All you need to know about Pond Maintenance

Mad Over Fish designs and installs piece of Art ponds, and also try best to mimic what only God can create. We design such Ponds to take benefit of Mother Nature to a large extent with a heavy focus on biological filtration over other forms of mechanical or chemical filtration (although they do play a major role). We recommend the right plants, aquascape, landscape and decor to withstand all sort of outdoor abuse such as:

  • Summer Heat & Direct sunlight
  • Winters
  • Monsoons
  • Dry tree leaves
  • Bird shit & other dirt
  • Children & their unexpected actions

Apart from the merit of the original design by itself, Madoverfish does pro-active maintenance that covers most of the Aquarium maintenance stuff. In addition to the above we have some of the best tools such as:

  • Fistrly, the battery operated vacuum cleaners
  • Secondly, the large suction hose with pre-filters
  • Thirdly, remote fish traps
  • Next, the underwater aquatic gardening tools
  • Lily and Lotus ponds fertilizing tools
  • Corners and crevices cleaning tools
  • Large pond scale chemical additives and stabilizers

No Matter how large the pond is, whether its designed by Madoverfish or anyone else, we can make it shine & not just clean. You can rely on us to provide only the best. We love to pamper our customers – and Always!