Aquariums in Hotel

Restaurants & Hotels must have Aquariums. In India most of the Restaurants either don’t have Aquariums or don’t have Good aquariums. There is a need and must be led by the Hotel industry to install Aquariums. Dining out in India is a big business. Based on cuisine, ambience, service the restaurants are rated. Each restaurant is competing with another in terms of these factors. Aquariums in Hotel will be one of the best Interior concepts that will make it truly international.


Aquariums in Hotel create the most perfect ambience and can create the WOW factor that is missing. It is a single most thing that can separate your restaurant from your competitor. However good aquariums are difficult to come by. If you don’t want to waste time on this, simply Contact Us.


Quite a few restaurants have aquariums. Some of the issues they face or have faced are listed below.

  • The aquarium design isn’t great
  • The Finishing is shabby
  • It not a wow factor.
  • Tanks are just not maintained well.
  • Freshwater Sharks are the most common fish in Indian Restaurants. It looks pathetic! Has the hotel industry run out of ideas? Seriously, can we not think of anything better? Where are the Architects for Restaurants.
  • We have practically seen Fish tanks BREAK in Restaurants. Hotel owners like to have tall aquariums and install them in Glass. Glass aquariums are 100% UNSAFE for any sort of commercial purpose. We have seen aquariums burst open. We have seen Aquarium seams open up. We have seen aquariums just not maintained.

We wish you deserve 100% peace of mind. Simply Contact Us to get started.


We encourage you to take an informed decision when you install a fish tank. Don’t compromise. Restaurant Aquariums must follow few rules:

If you want to have 100% peace of mind just contact us. Mad Over Fish will survey your existing fish tank. We will suggest you upgrades. We will do a complete Aquarium audit. We can do a better Aquascape. We can provide better lighting. We can simply change your tank into a much safer place and an awesome design. Trust MadOverFish. Simply Contact Us.