Aquarium Manufacturing

Aquarium manufacturing – thats what Mad Over Fish is synonymous with. Nay, we are synonymous with the title of “The best Aquarium manufacturer” in India. This is not for one but many reasons.

We have complete 100% in-house facility to ‘literally’ manufacture, custom-build, design and deploy designer and various sizes Aquariums. Moreover, we take pride in saying that we dont assemble aquariums, but we artistically craft them.


Later, we envisage the vision, translate into drawings, put them into high-tech machinery, use the old-school mechanism of hand-craft (& art) and produce some of the best award winning designs – which our customers take pride in keeping them for years and years together.

Aquarium concept designing
High Capacity Machinery
Right Power Tools
Engineering, Artists & Technical Manpower
Project Management Processes
Quality Control
Logistics and Delivery

We do the manufacturing of Aquariums & filtration systems in our factory as it allows more more flexibility, customization and Quality control. Mad Over Fish’s trained staff seeks for constant improvement, as it is a part of our company culture. We follow robust processes and rigid quality control mechanisms. In special cases we have to deploy our team after cutting all the panels on site, since the entrance or building spaces from which we cannot carry big aquariums inside directly.

Right machinery, right skillset to use the machinery, accurate measurement techniques and careful examination of all the components, whether visible or not. Most of all, everything the “love for the job we do” imbibes every soul that works at Madoverfish. We passionately do our work and that speaks volumes of what job we can do when hired.

Madoverfish has immense experience in producing Quality, machine finished, quality Aquariums & Pond systems. This is made possible with the right application of the tools, a friendly working atmosphere and constant guidance of our Engineering experts. We stage demo our Aquariums, the aquascape, the lighting and everything in our factory, redo the job till we are satisfied – as its in our culture we need to beat ourselves our benchmarks.