MadOverFish brings to you some amazing Custom 3D backgrounds for Aquariums

Innovative 3d aquarium backgrounds

Some Amazing Aquarium 3D Backgrounds – Custom Made – Right Here

Aquarium 3D backgrounds form the basics  of a good looking fish tank. These are especially helpful when one has seen a beautiful piece of underwater video or picture and needs to emulate that in the aquarium. When there is a need to create cichlids biotope such as Tanganyikan or Malawi or New worlds Cichlids, then plan the needed theme. We at Mad Over Fish design and manufacture these custom 3D backgrounds for the aquariums.

We do custom background jobs for small tanks like 3-4 feet in length as well as for the huge commercial aquariums such as 15-50 feet big. There is no dearth of size when it comes to 3D backgrounds. The designs are limitless and so is the creativity. With our in-house manufacturing team and expertise we churn out awesome looking backgrounds for the aquarium. We take the project in entirety and discuss with architects and interior designers the intricate details of the design, color theme, biotope and the prepare the required environment.


Our artists make beautiful hand-sketches which we transfer to our factory for production. Madoverfish has large manufacturing capacity to churn out literally 100’s of customized backgrounds each month.

Benefits of having Madoverfish 3D aquarium backgrounds:

  • Firstly, custom 3D designs and sketches
  • Secondly, with our research and study of various biotopes and environments worldwide for specific type and family of fishes, we know what background will look best
  • Thirdly, huge variety of existing modules for Lake malawi, Lake tanganyikan and south american cichlids
  • Next, easy to insert 3d modules to add to your existing tank decor
  • Made with a combination of FRP (fiber reinforced plastics) and polystyrene compound – tough (unlike Chinese easy to break/brittle decor material)
  • Very tough and not easy to break
  • Easy to cut and accommodate tank openings and easy insertion
  • Gluing with silicone to the back wall if required
  • The paint used is specific organic water base – that upon drying doesn’t leach any sort of harmful chemicals
  • Special tough coating on the paint to avoid formation of nuisance algae

Contact us to prepare an amazing aquascape for your tank of your choice. It becomes an easy way to get a refreshed look and feel for your tank. Mad Over Fish provides installation services for your aquariums.

Some more pictures of the tanks made with custom backgrounds can be found in this section.