Acrylic Pools

Mad Over Fish pride themselves with the crown of “Acrylic Kings”. That means we take the Acrylic to places where it was never used in the past (especially in India). We bring to you Acrylic Swimming Pools and Acrylic Ponds and Acrylic Splash Pools 100% Made in India. Architects can incorporate atleast a single viewing panel to see the Pool or Pond from the line of sight. If you notice most of the swimming pools or fish ponds that you see need you to stand and stare at the water body below (at your feet). Though that does not take away its beauty or design aspect, its always great or awesome to be able to see the body of Water from straight angle.

Acrylic swimming pools are a great way to add luxury feel to your project. Be it in commercial sports complexes, plush housing societies or in modern koi fish ponds. Architects can give a great dimension to their designs. Infinity swimming pools done in Acrylic can be a beautiful feature. Mad Over Fish will work with the architects and contractors to execute such designs.

Well if you think you can integrate Glass here – think again. Glass is an unsafe option and with high water pressure and people using the glass as wall to stand or dive, it is outright dangerous. Mad Over Fish uses huge and large size Acrylic windows to provide you with an ultimate pool or a pond view. We encourage Architects to get in touch with us and bring about better design language in their drawings. Madoverfish can help you create a 3D sketch of how such a pool can look like.

We provide Acrylic with minimum thickness of 80 mm all the way upto 400 mm.We build custom acrylic panels right here in India – right at Madoverfish!

You can hire Mad Over Fish for the following services:

  • Consultancy, Design, Deployment of Acrylic Edge Swimming Pools
  • Building of Ponds or Splash Pools with Acrylic
  • Overlooking pond with bottom transparent panel suspended between columns – to allow the pond to be seen from bottom
  • Supply of Huge size Acrylic Panels in varying thickness and profiling

We encourage you to fill out the form below so that we can get in touch with you to create some beautiful designs. We partner with Architects in every step and later.

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