Acrylic Polishing – How to make your Acrylic Aquarium NEVER get old

If there is any company in India, which does professional Acrylic polishing. Even after many years, our polishes acrylic aquariums look like they’re new – and that’s Madoverfish. Our trained personnel partners for Acrylic maintenance & can carry out the below:

  • Firstly, Micro-Mesh (USA) range of Polishing services
  • Secondly, Vapor polishing
  • Thirdly, All types of scratch removals to buffing
  • Most of all, Flame polishing
  • Lastly, Direct Machine Polishing

Most noteworthy, we stock all types of Grit material right from 80 to 12000 dpi to provide unbelievable results.

acrylic works in india

Madoverfish provides polishing services for:

  • Acrylic Aquariums
  • Acrylic Edge Pools & Ponds
  • Airline industry for polishing & buffing for all windshields of Commercial or Private Jets
  • Yacht owners and Luxury Ship industry.

Call us or just fill out the form for your polishing requirements and our representative will get in touch with you.

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