Acrylic Aquariums

Acrylic Aquarium Kings – That is exactly what Mad Over Fish is. We are the pioneers of “Made in India’ huge, designer, Acrylic tanks. Our Unrivaled deployment of big Aquariums, in residences, commercial places – in all probabilities if you encountered a real “Acrylic” aquarium in India, it is surely by Mad Over Fish. We know what this business is, in & out.

Some of the aspects of Acrylic Aquarium manufacturing include:

  • Choice of the “Right” type & grade of Material
  • Right sourcing – to ensure we get only “A” grade material
  • We import this from USA, EU, Thailand based on the application
  • Thermoforming (i.e. Heat treatment to bend Acrylic to various shapes)
  • Annealing (similar process as toughening of Glass)
  • Machining (Cutting, Edge treatment, contours, chamfering, beveling)
  • Edge profiling
  • Polishing
  • Scratch removal
  • Bonding methodologies


Mad Over Fish uses some of the best methodologies for Acrylic tank manufacturing. There is a reason why we provide “25 Years” warranty for our products – Our tanks “DON’T” get yellowish, they “DON’T” loose their optical clarity (even if they are exposed in Sunlight for its lifetime, and “WILL NOT” Leak. When we machine huge Acrylic panels for swimming pools or ponds, we chose such that they can withstand the amount of pressure with a safety factor of 5:1. This means if the expected load rounds to 100 kgs, we build the Acrylic tanks to withstand 500 kgs. Thats the usual ratio we work with, however specific applications may need a different alteration of the load bearing capacity.

Video below to show a recently setup 15-16 feet long Acrylic Marine aquarium

amazing aquarium
aquariums in india
amazing aquariums


Acrylic Aquariums manufacturing is a delicate process. Madoverfish only brings the Top-notch quality aquariums into India and spread the word on its advantages and provide premium customers with an option better than glass.

Size & Shape

Sizes and Shapes are only limited by imagination – that is true of Acrylic and not true of Glass. Providing safer option to our customers is our first motto. No doubt Acrylic aquariums or Acrylic pools are more expensive than Glass but their benefits will easily tell a customer that thats the right choice to do.


Madoverfish uses various thickness of Acrylic ranging from 10 mm for small custom filtration units/chambers/sumps/protein skimmers to 120 mm thickness material for large pools. For a usual home or commercial Aquarium of sizes to hold about 4000 liters of water, thickness from 20mm to 50mm is sufficient for most sizes.

acrylic aquariums
acrylic manufacturing india

Where you can use Madoverfish for Acrylic work:

  • When you want us to build your dream Acrylic Aquariums, Pools, Spa, Ponds etc.
  • Indoor glazing panels
  • If you have a Yacht and want us to do your windscreens
  • If you own a Private Jet and you want us to fix your Windows
  • We polish windows of commercial Airlines.
  • If you want to build Museum display cases for showing your Art, Jewelry, Watches or for Exhibitions
  • If you want to build Mock-up Acrylic chambers for either holding big display material, like for trade shows or Art shoots
  • We can build Large tanks to hold chemicals and for Industrial applications
  • If you simply want us to remove scratches and polish your existing Acrylic panels
  • OR if you want to simply talk to us on your concept/design