Acrylic ™ by Madoverfish

Madoverfish feels proud to introduce Acrilic™, a proprietary acrylic material, stronger and clearer than most of the acrylic brands in the industry. It is for the first time in India that we bring 100% custom made large acrylic sheet and panels. Acrilic™ is the material of choice when it comes to building large public aquariums and oceanariums. It can also serve the purpose of windows of Luxury Yachts, Private Jets, Airlines, Submarines, Residential aquariums, and Large swimming pools.

Acrilic™ can undergo thermoforming procedures to give the desired shape. The thickness of our acrylic varies from 6mm to 400mm.

More information about Acrilic™ by Madoverfish is available for download in a .pdf from the link given below.

Note: Contact us to know the password for the Acrilic™ Datasheet.

Protected: Acrilic ™ Datasheet