India’s Best

The whole & sole focus of Madoverfish is into Manufacturing of Custom designer Aquariums, and is NOT a Local Fish Shop Business, you simply cannot go wrong!

Acrylic Kings

Yes we are! Madoverfish is probably the best in India with a 100% In-House into manufacturing and deployment of Large scale Aquariums, Bubble Panels, Pools – yes all in Acrylic.

Water Arts

With In-house dedicated & creative Artists – you should look no further, with some of our Award-winning designs, and to keep our legacy alive, we can’t stop Innovating – for you!

Water Engineering

With a team of Architects, structural engineers, filtration experts & experienced professionals in various related field, we provide you 100% percent, Single-window shopping experience

MadOverFish is a company you can rely on creating the most stunning design in Aquatic Arts. Be it the delicate Coral reef tanks, Bubble Walls, Japanese Koi Fish ponds, Waterfalls, Fountain Art, Music controlled LED infused Water Panels to just about anything. We request you to challenge us for something New, something ExtraOrdinary. We welcome you to try us. Drop in a message to get Started! Now!

Recent Work

What our clients say about us

The kids love it, what a beautiful thing you guys created. Its right in front of our dining table, and what a colour splash it added to our home. The excited kids tell Daddy how they feed the fish and that they just love the Nemo. Thanks guys

Hasi BagchiHome-maker

Even though we sell Home Automation solutions, its only technology and more technology end of the day. What you provided us is a piece of Art, appreciate your work

Gaurav AroraCEO & MD - Life Style Automation

The Bubble Panel work you guys did is simply beautiful. We are going to recommend you again.

Dilip MakhijaOperations Head - Avatar G

People still complement me for making the right decision by adding an Aquarium in our office lobby. My colleagues make it sound so easy! However myself being an hobbyist I know what efforts must have gone into building this masterpiece. A thoroughly professional Aquarium team that delivers things on time. They maintain it well!

Parikshit PuranikSr.Director

I congratulate Madoverfish for putting in honest efforts to take the Aquarium keeping hobby and science to the NEXT LEVEL in India. We seriously need company like this to educate the people on how to keep your fish properly. This company takes care in giving the right advise from choosing the right kind of Aquarium all the way to how to ensure that your fish doesn’t die. Although we enjoy taking care of our Aquarium on Sunday’s, we enjoy more to sit back and watch and learn when their maintenance guy comes all prepared and does everything for us. Keep up the good work!

Amit KhannaWealth Asset Manager

I wish Madoverfish the very Best. I recommend this company to you if you are looking for “Seriously good Aquariums”. I kept lot of tanks since last 20 years, but now its been 3 years and I haven’t changed my tank. I’m still enjoying it. I know what to look in for to enjoy. Its hard to write in a few words. Either ways their work speaks for itself. Go ahead with this company if you want to enjoy keeping Aquariums and saving money.

Nitin BhagatSr.Manager - Accenture Services India Pvt.Ltd

I got mesmerised by the work of the team.. Really liked it.. Fantastic work!!

Akanksha Tiwari