Lighting aspect can be “make -it” or “break -it” situation when your entire tank Lights up and you want it to be a show-piece in your living space. Madoverfish are probably one of the best in custom lighting solutions for your tank. As our market strategy focusses only on the ultimate and best class Aquariums for India, we bring the best from around the world. So when you call Madoverfish you are assured that you will receive the most premium option for lighting your tank. Also looking at the budget in hand we can engineer the lighting spectrum needs for either a reef or fish only tank or planted tank based on the needs, size, footprint etc. We take detailed care into calculations of Lumens, Light focus (controlled via lenses) and PAR rating. Wrong lighting can lead to nuisance algae growth in your aquarium. Insufficient lighting will not grow your corals or plants. Too much light is too bright and makes the surrounding uncomfortable. Also is a question of energy consumption. The erstwhile Metal Halide philosophy will make the tank water warm which in turn will need a chiller – ofcourse power consumption and electricity bills can go through the roof. Either ways its not a ‘cool’ philosophy.

Below you will see the various components that go into building premium lighting for our Aquariums. We try to mix & match LED’s (CREE or otherwise) and even fluorescent tubes (in rare cases) to ultimately provide your aquarium with that “just the right” or “never seen such awesome thing before” experience.

If you just want to get in touch with us and let us figure you the right option for you, just fill out this form and we will contact you. Provide as much details as you can such as:

  • Is it for Reef Aquarium (& More details around it)
  • Is it for Planted tank (High-tech or Low-tech)
  • Size of your tank
  • Space available
  • Do you like Hanging fixtures or a custom made canopy on top of the Aquarium, etc.

All such details and more can help Madoverfish provide you a quote rather quickly for your Aquarium lighting.

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