Custom Aquarium cabinets

Its a requirement and an important one that detailing & finishing in cabinetry work is of utmost importance when providing an end-to-end Aquarium product. Madoverfish understands this and through years of hard work and experience we provide some of the widest choice of finishes available on the market. Especially, All aspects from designs in the field of colour choice, texture choice or material to use we do it all. From rustic wood finishes, PU coating, Gloss or mat (melamine) finishes, we do it all. Custom Aquarium cabinets is not a side profession to ignore. While many aquarium companies may not outsource such jobs, Madoverfish has skills and capacity to deliver custom cabinet jobs in-house.

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custom cabinetry work

Customers demand from us to design the entire space around the Aquarium. It could be bar counters to dining table sets or even bedrooms. Madoverfish takes up the entire work as an add-on job and executes this to perfection. Moreover, Custom cabinetry work for Aquariums is a special job and that one mustn’t ignore it – especially when durability and long term requirements are important. In fact, this is useful especially for luxury homes and while doing commercial aquariums. Many a time architects and project management teams get bogged with their deadlines for other work on the clients projects, that’s where Madoverfish steps in! We take care of complete end to end job and deployment of custom cabinetry work to civil to painting etc.